Where We Ship


环球电竞投注线上 is a Vancouver based company specializing in all forms of international shipments. With over 30 years in business, we have established shipping lanes to and from all major ports across the planet. Our services include air freight, ocean freight and ground freight and often a collection of the three. Every shipment has a unique set of circumstances and we pride ourselves as full service shipping experts.

shot of Sydney Australia from the water


Australia is one of the most amazing and unique places in the world– it has a little bit of something for everyone!



coastal shot of jeddah

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia takes up most of the Arabian Peninsula – it’s quite a large country! Don’t worry though, we’ve been importing and exporting from Saudi Arabia for years.



amazing shot of a castle in the mountains somewhere in germany


Europe may be the world’s second-smallest continent, but has the second largest population. There’s something for everyone here, with over 40 different countries. Where are you interesting in shipping to within Europe?



shipping to uk

United Kingdom

Looking for the best way to ship your goods to the UK? The United Kingdom is made up of three countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We ship to all of them.



aerial view of cape town south africa


Africa is the largest continent with the second largest population. We ship to all of the most popular coastal ports on both the east and west coast. Shipping into the middle of the country? Air freight has you covered.



port where shipments to new zealand enter

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that consists of 2 main islands and sits off the coast of Australia. Curious about the best methods for getting your goods to this gorgeous place in the world? Good. We’ve got answers.



South America

South America is located just south of North America, with the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic to the East. Interested learning more about shipping to South America? Learn more below or give us a call.






We ask all the right questions to ensure we have all pertinent information. Depending on timeline, price sensitivity and destination, we’ll ensure the best solution is put in front of you.

Booking & Preparation

With the route planned and dates set, we ensure all preparations are made to ensure delivery as promised. With our own warehouse for storage, insurance partners and packing solutions – all necessary precautions have been covered!


With your goods on the way, we keep you informed as information passes hands. Like any good relationship, communication is key.

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