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Your Baby is Our Baby

When we take care of shipping your car or motorcycle for you, we treat it as if it were our own. From the moment the vehicle is in our hands until it reaches it’s destination, we provide a level of service that is second to none. If there’s a route or railway that goes there, then we do to. If your questions go unanswered, please let us know when you reach out to us .

Car & Motorcycle Shipping Services

环球电竞投注线上 has extensive knowledge and experience in shipping any type of vehicle with speed, efficiency and safety to any destination you desire. Have your vehicle picked up and dropped off to any desired location; cross province, cross country, cross boarder and even international shipping is available for your vehicle. The most common method of shipping your vehicle is via 20′ or 40′ container, however depending on size or in the situation you have multiple vehicles, we offer RORO service (Roll On/Roll Off).

When you ship your car, truck, motorcycle, collectible, race car, farm vehicle, heavy machine or bus, rest assured we take all necessary steps to ensure the vehicle arrives in the same shape that it was shipped. And regardless if you’re shipping your vehicle nationally or internationally, we adhere all shipping regulations.

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Ocean Freight is best suited for:
  • We can ship any size vehicle
  • We will get your vehicle there, whether it be domestically or internationally
  • Various options for shipping
  • Unprecedented level of service when it comes to your vehicle

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Car Shipping

There are plenty of shipping solutions for your car. Vehicles themselves can be shipping by ocean in either a full container (FCL) or on a roll on / roll off (RORO) vessel. If you are in a time crunch, then shipping via air is also an option although less economical than ocean. Get a Car Shipment Quote Now!

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Motorcycle Shipping

All shipment options are available for motorcycles, it’s simply a matter of your priorities. For price sensitive shipments without a sensitive timeline, a few ocean shipment solutions would be a great fit. If time and delivery is your biggest priority, then air is the way to go. Not sure how to prepare? Read our guide below or let us crate it for you. Get a Motorcycle Shipment Quote now!

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Preparing your Car or Motorcycle

Once you have arranged for your vehicle to be shipped, please ensure that it is in good working order. This involves taking the proper steps to ensure that the vehicle is running, clean and empty of all personal items. We suggest insurance to cover the shipment and take the stress out. If any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

Additional 环球电竞投注线上 Services

When your shipment leaves your hands, it doesn’t mean it should remain on your mind.

While our services, handling and care are second to none, accidents out of our control do happen. Take the stress and worry out of the equation with our easy-to-use and full coverage freight insurance. 环球电竞投注线上 offers full coverage for replacement or actual cash value with our highly recommended freight forwarder insurance. Any item at any amount can be covered and the insurance value is determined by you, the shipper or consignee.

We hope for the best, but advise planning for the worst. Whether it be priceless art, your car, TV, computer or anything else, our top level service and competitive insurance rates will allow you breath easy and ensure your assets are protected.

Let’s face it, no one really likes filling out paperwork.

When it comes to the confusing world of customs clearance, 环球电竞投注线上 has a global network of agents. Rest easy as we help you with all of the required documentation to make sure you cargo is cleared to its final destination. We’ll ensure all documents are correctly completed and submitted and take care of all coordination to have your goods cleared.

Once your shipment has cleared customs, we can arrange it so that any appointed consignee can pick the goods up. Or, if you’d like, we can arrange to have the items delivered to a specific location for you.

We all love opening packages, but who really likes wrapping them?

If you have items that require special packing, wrapping or crating, 环球电竞投注线上 is your solution. We possess all of the necessary equipment to take care of any packing or crating request, including stamped pressure treated lumber for international travel. With panel saws, cut-off saws, wall jigs and pneumatic nail guns along with 40,000 lb forklifts, we will ensure your items are packed properly, no matter what the size.

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders for our expertise in packing items with care; blocking and bracing ocean freight containers or crafting custom crates for international air travel. No matter what the item, or where it’s travelling to, trust 环球电竞投注线上 will get it there right.

You don’t have to be a warehouse just to warehouse.

If you’ve got cargo coming in or going out, but don’t want to become a warehouse, consider using our 20,000 sq ft bonded warehouse located in the Vancouver International Airport cargo facility. And, it’s not only a place to store your goods, but you are able to customize shipments by adding or subtracting goods from your over all stock as you please. We can also arrange for you to drop your goods off and package and prepare shipments as well.

Whether it be short term or long term, standard or temperature controlled our facility is fully equipped. The flexibility of time, packaging and transferring allows you the peace of mind to know your shipment is safe and ready to go at your request.

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